12 Jun, 2019

Since our expectations usually lead to disappointment

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Since our expectations usually lead to disappointment, I often say that salespeople become addicted to "hopieum." It's like a drug that many of us take, and we come to depend on it as we make cold calls. It’s especially present when we believe that we’re close to making a sale.

But when for some reason the appointment or sale doesn’t happen, we go from our hopeium "high" to a "low" very quickly.Most people who sell start out a cold call with their predictable introduction and mini-sales pitch, then just "close their eyes" and let the "hopeium" kick in.

You probably haven’t told your potential clients your real goal in calling them, but you don't need to. They know, because we've all gotten so many cold calls from so many salespeople that we're oversensitive when the phone rings and it's someone we don't know. We're automatically suspicious about who's calling.

We've also all gotten very good at reading the subtle and not-so-subtle signals carried in the words, voice tone, or voice pitch that tell us the caller has a hidden agenda, which is to make a sale.All this usually happens within seconds, before you've said anything more than, "Hello, my name is... I’m with XYZ, and we do..." It’s as if any potential for openness gets shut off at "Hello," based simply on the tone of your call and how you began it.


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